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1-on-1 Private or Small Group Private Training of up to 4 athletes and Team Training sessions.

Days & Times available for training sessions:

Fridays: 9am-12p, 2pm-6pm

Saturday: 12pm-4pm

Sundays: 12pm-4pm

Your training can be anything you need work on. Rather it be fielding, hitting, catching, strength conditioning for softball/baseball or speed. 

Contact us to schedule your training sessions (808)404-1007

1. Softball/Baseball Fielding:

- Drills to improve footwork, reaction time, and hand-eye coordination

- Techniques for fielding ground balls, pop-ups, and line drives

- Practice for throwing accuracy and strength

- Strategies for positioning, communication, and teamwork on the field 


2. Softball Hitting:

- Batting drills to improve swing mechanics, timing, and power

- Techniques for bunting, slapping, and hitting for extra bases

- Strategies for reading pitchers and identifying pitch types

- Mental preparation and visualization exercises 

- able to help beginner baseball hitting as well


3. Softball/Baseball Catching:

- Drills to improve blocking, framing, and throwing skills

- Techniques for handling different types of pitches, including rise balls and changeups

- Strategies for calling pitches and communicating with the pitcher

- Physical conditioning exercises to build strength and endurance 


In addition to these specific skills, our training programs would also include elements of overall fitness and conditioning, such as agility training, strength training, and cardiovascular exercise. We will work with individual players or teams to identify areas of improvement and customize their training programs to meet their specific needs and goals.


Overall, our focus on softball/baseball fielding, hitting, and catching would help players develop the skills and confidence they need to succeed on the field and reach their full potential as athletes.

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