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Ever wonder what it takes to be a successful Basketball & Volleyball player?

It takes a lot of hard work and determination. Here's a detailed Basketball & volleyball specific training program used for great success. Try it and gain respect from coaches and other players!

What I always see from kids who play so much Basketball & Volleyball, They're usually so fatigued from playing that they don't have much time to get in the gym and do the strength work that can really help them.

Lower-body strength is usually what's lacking the most. Improving that lower-body strength will help an athlete's vertical power and lateral movement—both obviously key traits for these athletes.


This specific functional strength program specific to basketball and volleyball athletes will take your game to levels you've never imagined, by focusing on improving speed, agility, explosive power, strength, and anaerobic capacity. Training Speed and agility will improve your footwork and coordination. Developing explosive power and strength will enhance the recruitment of your fast-twitch muscle fibers, essential for a powerful vertical.

The stronger and fitter you are, the more resilient you’ll be from sustaining an injury, and the better you’ll recover between games.

In this program you will get strength training specific to basketball and volleyball players, focusing on becoming more explosive and jumping higher. Injury-prevention and agility training.


Monday & Wednesday 5p 1hr


This training is also offered in small-group semi-private training or 1-on-1 Private Training.)


No less than 2 sessions a week (8 sessions per month)

$200 unlimited training for the month per month

There are no drop-in sessions in this program

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