Build Strong & Sexy Glutes Without Wrecking Your Lower Back:


Aside from a show-stopping set of chiseled six-pack abs, strutting around with a well developed, devastatingly strong pair of glutes is something both men and women alike aspire to achieve in our current ass centric society. Yes, that’s right gentleman, I’m not just talking about the ladies!


If you’ve been fooled into thinking that the presence of a big muscular booty is something that is primarily based on genetic inheritance, you are wrong!


It’s clear that well-developed glutes are aesthetically pleasing, but they are also the cornerstone of hip and pelvic stability and creating a bulletproof body that fends off the likelihood of chronic lower back pain and dysfunction.


But even with the latest glute training trends, why do so many serious lifters fail to build a strong and functional posterior chain with direct glute work? The problem lies in a lack of diversity in simple loaded strength programming for this muscle group. When it comes to the glutes, training them effectively and efficiently needs to involve more than just the barbell hip thrust.


We’ve got the Booty Building Formula that will safely build that booty!


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