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  •  Do you wanna gain epic size and strength this off-season? I’m talking about up to 20 pounds of strong muscle… while adding a plate to your bench and 2 plates to your squat…?

  •  Do you want to trim away up to 0.7 seconds off your 40? … and be a real-life “Flash” on the field?

  •  Do you want cuts so clean and fine they snap the Achilles’ of your opponents as you fake ‘em out down the field?   



Your Off-Season Football Trainee,


Paul Alferez: Position: Quarterback / Wide Receiver. Waianae High School, University of Hawaii, Pro Arena Football Las Vegas Outlaws

I’ve been training hundreds of football athletes over the past 5 years… and I believe I have perfected the “science” of off-season football training.


In just a moment, we’re gonna share with you an exact formula we’ve used to…

  • ​Slash time off their 40-yard dash.

  • ​Add those extra feet you need for their broad jump.

  • ​Add more weight to their back squats.

  •  Explode their verticals.

  •  And more....                                                                                                                                                                     


Before we do that, we’re gonna share with you exactly what’s wrong with the majority of off-season programs out there, so you can steer clear of the bad ones...

Here are 4 MAJOR Flaws With 95% Of The Off-Season Programs On The Market



The majority of off-season programs you’ll find out there will be designed like this:

  • ​Phase 1: hypertrophy training

  • ​Phase 2: strength training

  • ​Phase 3: speed and agility training.


They have you go through each phase in “blocks”, and by the time your next season starts, you’re supposed to be bigger, stronger, and faster.


… but it doesn’t always end up happening.


The problem here is -- when you train in segmented phases like this, you end up losing the improvements you’ve made from each phase at the end of the program.


By the time you’ve hit the speed and agility phase, the gains you’ve made from the hypertrophy and strength phases dissolve away, because there’s no more stimulation in those rep ranges.


It truly ends up being a case of “if you don’t use it, you lose it”.


What you need to use instead, is something called “concurrent periodization”.


This is where you’re training all three phases simultaneously -- so that you continue to improve in all 3 “training zones” at the same time, and at the end of the off-season, you’ve kept all the gains you’ve worked so hard for.


Most of the programs out there will have you lift pretty “vanilla” for the off-season.


By that we mean focusing on regular benching, squatting, deadlifting.


Now, these are AWESOME exercises… but the problem is, alone, they’re not enough.


When we do these same movements over and over again, our bodies adapt to the repetitive motions and loads...


And here’s why it matters so much: football is NOT a game of three repetitive movements.


The game is completely unpredictable, and your body is always being challenged with different stimuli on the field, which is why regular “vanilla” lifting isn’t enough in the off-season.


You need to keep your nervous system on its toes, if you want to truly maximize your genetic potential, and murder your combine tests.


When it comes to lifting in the off-season, the majority of programs get the crucial part of it wrong:


They focus on building a stronger athlete in the weight room but have zero consideration of the gains translate to results on the field.


Football is a game a movement -- so it’s important to remember to train the movement, not the muscle.


Since most off-season football programs are highly influenced by bodybuilding and or powerlifting theory, the bulk of programs out there end up focusing on the latter.


The worst part is, sometimes athletes end up shooting themselves in the foot by using a program that focuses on the muscle -- because their lifts in the weight room go up, and they get jacked like gorillas… but the rest of their combine scores plummet.


De-loads are crucial to schedule into your off-season because they allow your body and nervous system to recover from heavy training.


You MUST have them to avoid plateaus, and continue making progress throughout your off-season.


However, most programs take de-loads lightly, and snuff them off because of the “alpha” mentality a lot of coaches have…


And their athletes end up fatigued, injured, and inflamed.


There are a time and a place for “going hard”… and there are a time and a place for taking it easier… but most programs don’t take this into account.

Has Anyone Put Together A Program Without These Flaws?

I found out about these major flaws years ago because I went through them myself...


So I went on a mission to develop a program that was as close to flawless as possible and accounted for the mistakes most coaches make.


I wanted to do something that would take into account concurrent periodization... account for the nervous system requirements of Football... be focused on MOVEMENT instead of muscle... and not drain the nervous system to the point of injury.


The result, after working hard and experimenting with hundreds of athletes, was...


The Ultimate Off-season And Combine Football Formula That Turns Benchwarmers Into Pro Bowlers

I perfected this program in 2017, after testing and tweaking the system with hundreds of athletes who have “graduated” from P1 Hawaii.


It’s been refined so it works no matter what level of performance you’re at now…


Whether you’re a starter or a bench warmer, your game WILL be taken to new heights next season.


When you follow the program to the T, you’re gonna feel like your speed, power, and explosiveness were all given a double shot of "pure adrenaline".


When you invest in this program, here’s what you’ll get:

The program is designed to automate your way to destroying combine tests, and here’s what’s most unique about it:


The 24 weeks of the program have been structured carefully, taking into account the nature of the human body -- most notably, with burnout and fatigue.


You see, a lot of athletes have no problem with work ethic, and can go balls to the wall when training.

However... hard work isn’t the only piece of the pie.


Being smart and strategic is just as important, if not more, than how much sweat you put in.


This is where P1 Hawaii Football Off-season excels because it’s been designed to prepare you fully for your next season… while steering clear of fatigue, overtraining, and injury that occurs with bad programming.


Here’s just a quick taste of what you’re gonna discover inside the manual:

  • ​The 5 Principles of this amazing program that make your speed, explosiveness, and power feel like they’ve been tripled by the end of the off-season. As long as you’re following these 5 “golden rules” for the next 24 weeks, your performance will far surpass what you think your genetic limits are.

  • ​Your “Personal Assessment Evaluation” that tracks your off-season progress for you, so you can see your improvements in agility, speed, and power on paper. “You can’t change what you don’t track.”

  • ​Smart de-loads scheduled strategically to avoid burnout and frying your nervous system. By following the program to the T, strength and speed plateaus will be non-existent for you.

  •  NO THINKING REQUIRED: just follow the blueprint. You'll be training with a tested system... all the reps, sets, and rest times are taken care of for you. Everything's been refined like a science with our athletes, and it's the stuff that works… so as long as you don’t mess around and deviate from the plan, you’ll be golden.

  •  ATHLETE’S NOURISHMENT: Fuel yourself up with the nutrition your body needs to keep up with this program. We’ve seen athletes gain up to 30 pounds of muscle in just one off-season with our meal plans. They’re simple, and gonna make your off-season diet a breeze... macro-nutrients, calories, and even food choices are all laid out, so you don’t have to figure it out on your own.

  • ​Regular aerobic training is GARBAGE for football players. You need conditioning that activates the non-oxidative/glycolytic systems instead. You’re gonna get our work capacity training to achieve exceptional conditioning. What feels like death on the field to you now, will become a sunny walk in the park, once you’ve gone through the program.

  •  Slash up to 0.7 off your 40-yard dash by next season. We've included our "Superior Speed Sessions" that gives your on-field velocity a quantum leap -- with both linear AND multi-directional movements.

  • ​Little known psychological cues for performing the front AND back squat with pristine form... growing your legs more explosive and powerful for faster cuts and movement down the field. We’ve seen athletes add over 100 pounds to their squat in 24 weeks.

  • ​Precisely where your hands, feet, toes, and the bar should all be positioned for the perfect squat.

  • ​42 “auxiliary builders” that support exploding your MAIN LIFTS at the combine. These auxiliary movements help pick up the “slack” that regular benching and squatting miss.

  •  Our tried and true corrective stretching process that ensures COMPLETE ACTIVATION of muscles in your entire body. For most dudes, "tonic" muscles stay inactivated when they're on the field, which wastes away unused explosiveness and power. You can use the routine both in the weight room and on the field.

  •  You're gonna get our Warmup routine. These quick exercises switch your body into a state of high performance before working out or stepping on the field. These are critical to do before going at your combine test and can make a difference between placing 1st or placing 5th.

  • ​FORCE FORM FIRING: sprinting mechanic drills that slash away points off your 40-yard dash. You'll be armed with a body that's mastered the art and science of swift linear movement, by the time your off-season is finished.

  •  5 "accelerator" exercises that have you launching off the ground like Deion Sanders and Bo Jackson. Mastering these gives you a HUGE edge on your pro shuttle and 40.

  •  7 plyometrics and 4 special agility drills that give you explosiveness that can only be described as "strapping on a jet pack". 3 cone tests become a breeze after you fine-tune yourself with these drills.

  •  And much, much more...                                                                                                                                                        


So How Much Does It Cost?


Throughout the past 5 years, the athletes we’ve trained to develop this system have paid us hundreds of dollars per off-season to work with us.


This is because they knew we’d steer them clear of the fatigue, burnout, and overtraining most other off-season programs induce.


Given that the program has the potential to earn you several D1 scholarships, it makes sense to think it’d cost thousands of dollars…


However, you’re reading this because you follow us on social media, and know we’re all about helping you become the strongest version of yourself.


We do this by offering you as many resources as possible to fuel your growth.


That’s why we’re not gonna charge anything close to the regular fee it costs to work with us one-on-one in person...up to $1,000 a month.


Not even the $497 most “online football programs” charge you...that have bad programming and haven’t been tested with hundreds of athletes.


For now, you can get registered for just…


$350 unlimited sessions in a month per athlete

Schedule: Monday - Thursday 6p-7p strength training/game speed training

Also includes your position skills training (refer to you position below for schedule)

Quarterback Skills

Wide Receiver/Slot Backs/Running Backs

Offense Line

Defense Line/Edge/Line Backers

Defense Back


LOCATION: Phase 1 Hawaii


There is no drop-in fee, we want athletes to commit to getting the results that they are looking for.

"My goal is to maximize the results of every Phase 1 Athlete"

Space is limited so sign up today!

As many of you know, our small group training offers athletes private/customized training at a group price. Our small group training is offered at super convenient times to fit students' schedules.

Pricing is flexible but space is limited!  Sign up today to make sure your athlete secures his or her spot. 

Other Services
We also offer private 1-on-1 training, nutrition, and supplements education/programing all at very affordable pricing.
Finally, remember we now offer on/off-site recovery and post-game recovery for athletes currently competing in-season. These modalities are proven to help prevent in-season injuries and help athletes perform at peak condition throughout the season.


Call or come by for a free tour of our amazing facility!


91-1180 Midway St. Kapolei, HI 96707

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