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An amazing experience that you don’t want your athlete to miss! 


The P1 WR Academy is designed for athletes from Ages 7-11. This program takes athletes from WR 101 and gets them their PHD in Wide Receiver play!


Trained by Hawaii’s Premier Wide Receiver Trainer, Coach Paul


P1 Hawaii Defensive Back Academy is the most unorthodox position on the football field. They are required to not only make physical tackles but also mirror a wide receiver while moving backwards. Defensive backs must display great confidence, patience, and effort. Whether a cornerback, nickelback, or safety, our training sessions provide improved skills in these areas:

- Stance

- Footwork

- Backpedaling/breaks

- Route recognition

- Coverage principles

- Defeating blocks

- Offensive alignment recognition​


Trained by P1 Hawaii’s Premiere Defensive Back Trainer, Coach Frank


We will also include a session of Game Speed Training with in the 2 hour fun packed experience! 


Get registered ASAP 20 Athlete Max 


Fee: $60

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