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baseball - softball Power Program



Ages 12 & up


SCHEDULE: Monday-Thursday 6pm 1hr

1-on-1 Private Training & Small Group Training available for this program. Call to schedule.


Over the past few years, I’ve been fortunate enough to have many discussions with baseball and softball, coaches, agents, and scouts.


And in that time, I’ve noticed that they’ve dramatically changed what they’re looking for in prospects.


In the past, they sought guys who could simply excel in 1 aspect of their game.


But baseball/softball has evolved from a game of who can hit home runs into a numbers game.


As such, scouts, teams, and agents are putting all their marbles into a specific series of metrics and stats.


Most of these stats and metrics don’t show up or are overlooked on high school, or even most college stat sheets.


In fact, even some coaches (and most parents) don’t know this stat exists.


But it’s absolutely key to feed this stat if you want to become a more elite baseball player, get noticed by scouts, and play at higher levels.


So, whether you’re trying to make it as far as possible in your baseball/softball career…


Want to enjoy more success on the field…


Or you just want practical steps to improving your performance, as soon as today…


Then stick with me.

But First Who Am I, And How Do I Know This?

My name is Paul Alferez.


And for the past 20+ years, I’ve committed my life to helping athletes reach their FULL athletic potential.


In that time I’ve been lucky enough to work with some great athletes.


Some win scholarships. Some go pro. Some play on television in front of millions.

Regardless of how far they make it, I pour my heart and soul into ensuring they reach their full athletic potential.


Most importantly, I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of baseballs and softballs top talent in Hawaii.

But more than just working with an impressive roster… I’ve delivered impressive results.


And I’m sharing all of this because in the next few minutes, I’m going to show YOU how you can make performance leaps like those as well…


Hitting with more power…


Throwing harder…


Stealing more bases (no matter how heavy-footed you might be right now)...


And becoming a more dominant player.


I’ll reveal how to get there in a second…


Before I do, I want to discuss:


A few years back, I started getting in regular contact with my athletes’ coaches and teams.

They saw what I was doing with their players, and wanted to know more about what I do.


So they’d call me up or come into the gym and ask about my approach.


They’d discuss what they wanted out of their player for that year.


Or sometimes, we’d just chat.


As our talks became more consistent, and our relationships deepened, they started sharing deeper information with me.


One day, I was speaking with one of my player’s agents when he discussed a few metrics that mattered most to most organizations.


According to the agent, they weren’t looking for the biggest hitter, best glove, or strongest arms.


Instead, the agent told me organizations are looking at a handful of specific stats.


Stats that encompasses everything a player does on the field…


And calculates their value based on that.

So what are these specific stats?

WAR or (W)ins (A)bove (R)eplacement 




OPS or (O)n-base (P)lus (S)lugging 


OPS is a calculation that sums up your hitting ability. It’s the average of you getting on base and your ability to hit for power.


While WAR is a stat that measures how much better you are than a replacement level player.


And it’s calculated by crunching all the numbers related to your production on the field…


…This includes your hitting, fielding, base-running, and more…


…Then comparing them to league average.


That leaves you with your WAR.

So in short…

This stat accounts for everything you do on the field.


And this is why I said teams are becoming more interested in players who are well rounded and not just excelling in one specific aspect…


Because unless you’re a generational hitter, that hitting isn’t going to make up for poor production in other areas.


So scouts have pivoted to looking for well-rounded ATHLETES.


Players who:

  • Move With Fluidity

  • Hit With Exceptional Power

  • Are A Threat On The Bases

  • ​Hold Their Own In The Field 

  • ​And Who Contribute To All Aspects Of The Game

Simply put, athletes who possess all 5 tools used on the field.


Now I understand some of this is common knowledge to guys who are deep in the game but what you may not know is how to actually develop the physical skills to ultimately increase these stats.


See most baseball athletes tend to focus on very specific physical attributes that only get them so far as a complete ball player.


But over the last 8+ years I’ve focused on developing an approach that has drastically improved baseball/softball athletes performance.


This approach has worked for baseball/softball athletes of all levels….


From travel ball players dominating the showcase circuit


To College players dominating their season.

I refer to it as...


And it works so well because it turns average players into dynamic athletes.


Using this formula, I’ve developed baseball athletes who run as fast as cornerbacks, jump higher than professional basketball players, and lift just as heavy as linebackers.


Does this carry over to the field?



And again, this is what scouts are looking for.


Why else would scouts come to games with stopwatches?


Why would they measure throwing and exit velocity?


Because SCOUTS WANT ATHLETES with power, speed, and explosiveness.


But that aside, the best part about this formula is…


It doesn’t matter who you are, what you’ve tried, or where you come from.


As long as you execute this formula, it works.


And the good news is, execution is the easy part.


The hard part is putting everything together, which I’ve already done for you.


All that said, take a look at this four-step formula:

Step #1:



There’s a reason baseball players are constantly battling injuries, missing time, and even undergoing surgery…


They skip this crucial step.


As a result, their bodies get twisted from constantly hitting, throwing, and pitching with just one side of the body.


So, this first step restores balance.


And it sets the stage for adding more power, speed, and explosiveness that’s going to be built over the next few steps…


…While protecting their joints and ligaments.


But better yet…


Just by eliminating imbalances, most athletes see near-instant speed, power, and explosiveness increases…


Simply because their bodies are realigned.

Step #2:


Next, we want to maximize the amount of force the athlete can produce.


This is done by developing “Baseball/Softball Strength”. 


That is…


Strength that translates directly to the field.

When most baseball/softball players go to build strength, they just randomly lift and hope for the best.


But that’s like ONLY hitting a ball off a tee and expecting it to carry over to the box.


So, how do you build Baseball/Softball Strength?


Using methods like tempos, accommodating resistance, contrast training, and something I call “Modified Triphasic”.


These methods build the athletic strength that feeds into your speed, batting power, arm strength, and more.

Step #3:


Next, we’re going to increase the SPEED at which the athlete can produce force.


And the key tool for doing this is plyometric training.


It still amazes me that most baseball players don’t know plyometrics are essential for their performance on the field.


Truth is…

Plyometrics can play a massive role in giving you a more powerful bat…


Increasing sprint speed…


Improving throwing velocity…


And even supporting your fielding.


But building power with plyometrics takes more than endless rounds of box jumps and squat jumps.


Building ELITE explosiveness with plyometrics requires progression.


In other words…


The same way you increase strength by lifting weights, you increase explosiveness by progressing explosive stimulus.


That said, plyometrics aren’t the only tool used to develop power.


There’s also contrast training, complexes, ballistics, and more that play into power development.


But… When executed properly…


This step is the one that can make the most explosive differences in your performance.

Step #4:



There are two goals in the integration phase:


One: Connecting the upper and lower halves of the body.


Doing this allows you to transfer the power generated through the legs, through the trunk, and into the upper body…


Which will contribute to hitting power, arm strength, velocity, and more.


Two: Bridging the gap between the skills we’ve developed in the gym, and their expression on the field.


We do this with sport-specific movements.

Drills that improve reactions.


And baserunning-specific speed work.


In short, this step takes all the work we’ve done in the gym, ties it all together, and translates it over to the field.


Making you faster, stronger, and more powerful in game situations


All this said…

Getting The Attention of Scouts, Agents, And Organizations Isn’t Rocket Science

All it takes is becoming a well-rounded ATHLETE…


INSTEAD of another heavy-footed player who swings for the fences every time they’re up to bat.


Instead of another player who’s value starts and ends at home plate.


Instead of another player who’s a one, maybe two, trick pony.

And becoming that athlete, that impact player, is easier than ever, thanks to this approach


But look…


Just by reading this far, you’ve shown just how serious you are about your baseball/softball performance.




Use this Formula for yourself…


And gain the explosive athleticism that gets you noticed by scouts, agents, and teams.

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