baseball - softball Power Program



Ages 13-18


SCHEDULE: based on agreed time

Only 1-on-1 Private Training & Small Group Training available for this program. Call to schedule.

In the Baseball/Softball Power Program, we’re going to utilize a three phase approach to making you durable, strong, and powerful. Each month will consist of a different phase of your program.

The first month is going to focus on STRUCTURE.

There are multiple reasons I choose to begin an athlete’s off season training with a
Structural integrity phase, especially when it comes to baseball/softball athletes.
The athlete has just completed their season. Throughout the season many stressors have been placed on the body. Constant internal rotation of their throwing arm and rotation of the hips when hitting are just two of the repetitive movements baseball/softball players engage in that cause pattern overload.

In most cases this causes the athlete to be twisted in a certain direction causing some muscles not activate correctly or at all while others are overactive and very tight.

In this STRUCTURE  phase, it’s my goal to bring stability back to the body and reduce the chance of injury while still building strength and power.
Once we’ve loosened up the overactive muscles, have activated the dormant muscles, and have brought stability back to the body, we’ll move into our STRENGTH Phase, which will take place during month two.

During this STRENGTH phase, we’re going to focus on increasing absolute strength, or maximizing the amount of force you can output. Once we’ve done this, we’re going to work on transitioning this newly gained strength into power.

Which leads us to our third phase, SPEED. During this phase, we’re going to focus on making you as powerful and explosive as possible. We’re trying to accumulate all the work we’ve done thus far, and utilize sport- specific movements, to do so.

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This is a 1-on-1 Private Session or a Semi-Private Small Group of no more then 4 athletes in one session.


You will be able to create a schedule. No less then 2 days a week (minimum of 8 sessions. Up to 3 days a week (12 sessions). Call for pricing.