Summer Schedule:

Morning sessions: Tuesday-Friday

Ages 14-18: (9am-11am)

Football Strength Training/Speed Training

Ages 13-18: (9am-11am)

Explosive Training Program (Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball)

Ages 9-13: (9am-11am)

9am: Speed Agility Quickness

10am: Functional Strength Training

Baseball/Softball Power Program: TBA

Afternoon sessions: Monday- Thursday

Ages 14-18: (5pm-7pm)

Soccer Academy: Strength Conditioning, prevent injury, footwork, speed and skills training

Ages 13-18: (5pm-7pm)

Explosive Training Program: (Volleyball, Basketball)

Ages 9-13: (5pm-7pm)

5pm: Speed Agility Quickness

6pm: Functional Strength Training

Ages 5-8: 5pm

Speed Agility Quickness

Baseball/Softball Power Program: TBA

Sand Training and Hill Training: TBA