How To Set Up Your Account

1. Click on Set up an Account button

2. A Wellness Living box will open. 

Input the athlete/participants name &

your best email for contact.

3. Open your email to complete the account set up. There should be a link to click on.

4. Fill out ALL of the information. 

5. Add a profile picture so that we are able to identify your athlete when taking attendance. 

6. Last be sure to sign the electronic liability waiver. Once you sign the waiver by finger on your phone or with your mouse on your computer, the account set up will be complete.

7.  Contact us when you complete the account set up and we will add you/athlete to the proper training session.

8. Payments can be made by VENMO username Phase1Hawaii/Paul Alferez or cash (all cash payments go to Coach Paul)

Once you register, payment will be made on the VENMO app, username: Phase1Hawaii to complete your registration