Athlete Recovery and Maintenance

Athlete Recovery is part of every successful training program. For athletes to maximize results during the offseason, and stay healthy during the season, recovery must be a priority. At 

Phase 1 Sports, we are committed to providing elite, professional level recovery for athletes of all ages.

Sports Massage

- Increase in overall blood flow

- Targeted muscle tissue regeneration

- Overall reduction of muscle damage

- Overall relaxation and regeneration

Fascia Stretch Therapy

- Increase in overall flexibility

- Isolated focus and manipulation of muscle tissue

- Lengthening of damaged muscle tissue

- Increase in overall blood flow


- Free 15 minute consultation 

- 30-minute session $45

- 60-minute adult session $85

- 60-minute middle to high school session $65

- 4 Pack (4 sessions) $320 savings $20 

- 8 Pack (8 sessions) $600 savings $80

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