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Whether you are in-season, preparing for your sports or competing year-round, we have times and programs to help you reach your maximum potential.  
SAQ- Speed, Agility, Quickness Advance: For those who have 3-5 years of sports experience.

Phase 1 Hawaii has been the leader in athlete development for over 16 years. Our specialty has been and continues to be an athletic functional movement. With many requests from our athletes and parents, we have added two additional speed, agility, quickness classes to our weekly schedule.

Athlete Functional Strength Training

While speed, agility, quickness will always receive the most attention, functional strength training is key in overall athlete development. We are not talking about your traditional bench, squat, deadlift program, but true functional strength. Exercises like dynamic power lunge, prowler drags, band resistance kettlebells, and core development. The principles of functional training combined with SAQ is the perfect combination to maximize your results!

Monday-Thursday: 6p-7p 1hr


$150 unlimited sessions in a month per athlete (includes both 5p SAQ & 6p Functional Strength Training)


$20 single session Drop-in

"My goal is to maximize the results of every Phase 1 Athlete"

Space is limited so sign up today!

As many of you know, our small group training offers athletes private/customized training at a group price. Our small group training is offered at super convenient times to fit students' schedules.

Pricing is flexible but space is limited!  Sign up today to make sure your athlete secures his or her spot. 

Other Services
We also offer private training, nutrition, and supplements education/programing all at very affordable pricing.
Finally, remember we now offer on/off-site recovery and post-game recovery for athletes currently competing in-season. These modalities are proven to help prevent in-season injuries and help athletes perform at peak condition throughout the season.
Call or come by for a free look at our new and expanded outdoor turf facility

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